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The Safe-Wise Cub floor safe

Commercial Grade

The Safe-Wise Cub -manufactured by Chubb, is a commercial grade underfloor safe suitable for protecting medium amounts of cash and valuables. All underfloor safes must be enclosed in high grade concrete to ensure maximum theft protection.
Standard locking is by one 3 wheel keyless combination lock. An automatic, relocking device is a standard feature of this safe. This is on guard while the safe is locked.
Opening the Cub safe is a simple procedure. Unlock it, grasp the handle and twist, then lift to remove the floor safe's head. To re-lock, simply replace the head, twist until it stops and lock it by spinning the dial of the combination at least three times.

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Where to Locate the Cub Floor Safe

Before installing consider the following points about your chosen location:
Is the safe easily accessible? This is important to facilitate easy lifting out of the safe head.
Is it conveniently located for every day use?
Is the area covered by a security alarm system?
In the commercial situation is the location well lit?
Is the area on the ground floor and is it free of electrical cables, drains, etc?
Are there tools on the premises that a burglar could use?


The Cub floor safe is strictly an UNDER-FLOOR safe. (Freestanding units are available if required for above floor situations.) It is advisable to have your unit installed by a reputable tradesman, your Chubb Security Consultant will be able to advise you on this.
Masonry Opening: At least 500mm x 675mm x 575 deep
Wall Thickness: A minimum wall thickness of 100mm with high-grade steel reinforcing should encase the floor safe body. This should be tied into the steel work of the surrounding floor.
Installation: The neck of the safe must be FLUSH with the floor. While concrete is setting, remove the head from the safe so that any condensation may disperse.

Annual Service

The combination lock and boltwork should be serviced annually to ensure smooth operation. Contact your Chubb Security Consultant or Service Engineer, who will assist with this matter.

Weight (kg) Internal Dimensions (mm) Head Diameter (mm) Capacity (Litres)
40 kg 267 x 430 x300 deep 198 34
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