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Voice/IP Suite

If you're in the highly competitive hotel business, you're challenged with differentiating your brand every day. Business travelers and vacationers are demanding entertainment, technology, and communication services that match the sophistication of their home or office devices. You want to make sure your guests are happy during their stay, and you want to keep them coming back for return visits.
Nevotek V/IP Suite gives hotel managers and owners a way to step up to these challenges and create additional opportunities for revenue by offering new services to satisfy customer needs. V/IP Suite efficiently converges all your communications systems into a single Cisco IP platform, which lowers your costs and streamlines operations.

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Every hotel guest should get the VIP treatment.

In today’s hospitality market, hotel owners and operators are faced with new pressures to differentiate their properties and manage costs in an increasingly competitive environment. Hotel guests—armed with a growing variety of communications devices—expect access to sophisticated information services, flexible entertainment options and all the conveniences of home. At the same time, hotel operators must manage rising costs of energy, while improving employee productivity and streamlining operations.
The challenges are clear, but so are the opportunities. Hotel guests are primed to take advantage of new services that will offer a customized environment and a more efficient and personalized experience. New technologies can transform hotels into efficient properties that will allow operators to do more with existing assets, empower employees, conserve energy, and cut operational costs while unleashing new revenue opportunities and delivering an unparalleled guest experience.
Most importantly, these technologies will give guests and hotel staff access to new services that will generate new revenue, build loyalty, optimize every aspect of the environment and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Nevotek V/IP Suite. Converged communications, tailored for every guest need.

V/IP Suite from Nevotek is an IP-based unified communications platform built on a converged network infrastructure that offers flexible, cost-effective voice and data services. V/IP Suite combines voice, data and video over a single network that can be easily integrated with existing hotel solutions to support the needs of sophisticated guests. With V/IP Suite, hotel operators can leverage an IP foundation to improve the guest experience, increase staff productivity, reduce operational expenses and manage environmental controls--while differentiating their properties in a competitive marketplace.
V/IP Suite provides a seamless infrastructure that delivers flexible communications services to guests over multiple devices— from an IP phone to a TV screen, mobile phone to a PDA, or standard Web browser. Guests can access services, including email, voicemail, and fax, high-speed access, up to date billing, entertainment services, and room controls. These services can be delivered as a value-added option, or on a pay-per-use basis, to generate new revenues.
V/IP Suite integrates with all property management systems, and with the entire Nevotek product family. This integration extends flexibility, cost effectiveness and value-added features to all aspects of the property. Telecommunications, IT services, back office billing, property management, surveillance, security and maintenance are all integrated and delivered over a single IP foundation, allowing operators to leverage the flexibility of this cost-effective, converged infrastructure and eliminate multiple network schemes and redundant equipment.
Hotel employees are more productive through improved communications with other staff members, departments and guests. By integrating billing, surveillance, security and maintenance over the same IP-based solution, employees can better anticipate and respond to guests’ needs.

Improve the Guest Experience

Today’s most successful hotel ventures incorporate a personalized environment with cutting edge services to enhance the guest experience. Forward-thinking operators have differentiated their hotels to attract guests, and enhance loyalty with these customizable services.
The standard lists of telephony features on display in most guest room phones are being transformed into customized options that enable flexible environments to deliver a broad selection of services and revenue opportunities. Standard rooms can be equipped to handle meeting services, by delivering voice or video conferencing through an IP phone. Hotel guests can receive fax, email or voicemail messages, browse the Internet, place a work request, control room temperature, get up to date billing information or order entertainment services over almost any device connected to the V/IP Suite IP network foundation. Even when away from their rooms, guests can access these same services via a mobile phone or PDA, or standard Web browser.
V/IP Suite can support hotel operations, worldwide, with multilingual support, customized content and local information that is tailored for guests, based on a personalized profile. This allows hotel operators to associate the guest name, preferences and a service class— such as business traveler, vacation guest or visitor—to deliver tailored services. With V/IP Suite, hotel operators can create a tailored service menu for each guest that is displayed on an IP phone based on the guest’s profile information.
V/IP Suite delivers it all over a converged, cost-effective IP network, via an intuitive, easy to use interface that puts customization and convenience at the fingertips of every hotel guest.

Cut Operating and Capital Costs

Nevotek V/IP Suite allows hotel operators to cut operational costs by leveraging an IP network foundation to deliver voice and data services, throughout the property. Costly discrete PBX or PMS interfaces and IVR equipment can be replaced with V/IP Suite--an integrated solution based on a single server and powered by cost-effective IP technology-- that streamlines management and IT tasks, and lowers hardware-related expenses.
Redundant wiring schemes and duplicate equipment is eliminated, and replaced by a single server solution. V/IP Suite offers simplified administration and call management, eliminating ongoing move, change and maintenance charges. Add phones, telecommunications or data services anywhere, at any time, with flexible administration. Remote access capabilities allow staff to enter or access data about property status from any hotel phone. Security, maintenance and service personnel can provide status on hotel operations, turn on or off lights, access surveillance or security controls from any IP phone, mobile device or standard Web browser.

Migration to New IP-Based Service Revenue Models

Nevotek V/IP Suite offers new ways for hotels to generate revenue and add value to the property by leveraging the flexibility of a converged IP environment. With V/IP Suite, operators can add new pay-per-use services that deliver customized, targeted content, and offer advertisers access to a new audience of guests.
New services, such as video conferencing, music on demand, and IT services are available to any room in the hotel that is equipped with a standard communications outlet. Voice, data and video content is delivered over an IP foundation, and accessed via a TV, IP phone or standard Web browser. These services can be charged to a guest, group or company, or offered as a value-added benefit to differentiate a property.
With V/IP Suite, local businesses or in-house merchants can advertise directly to a targeted audience, based on profile information captured and stored in a database. Hotel guests can make reservations with a restaurant or spa, or order office services via a touch screen or via an IP phone. Hotel guests get access to the services and merchants that will add convenience and efficiency to their visit, while operators reap the revenues from facilitating these contacts.

V/IP Suite Architecture

V/IP Suite is based on a unified communications architecture, integrating voice, video, and data with a converged application suite. This converged IP architecture allows hotel operators to run integrated applications—such as voice services and PMS interfaces—over a single server. A scalable architecture allows V/IP Suite to grow with a hotel’s needs and support the changing requirements of the hotel guests.
The Nevotek product family is based on a modular approach, allowing hotels to add functionality over time, while protecting their investment. Hotel operators can begin with V/IP Suite unified communications functionality, then add modules to support environmental controls, multi-tenant billing, video on demand and other advanced services. Only Nevotek offers a fully integrated, converged solution, leveraging the flexibility and scalability of an IP infrastructure.


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