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IPT Office

Give your employees fast access to business information, so that they can be more productive, efficient, and responsive with Nevotek IPT Office. Replace your traditional PBX system with a VoIP system that runs over a data network for greater flexibility at a lower cost. IPT Office works with the Cisco® CallManager platform and IP phones for a telephony solution that takes office communications to the next level, converting the dial tone-only telephone handset to a connected IP appliance.
Its easy-to-use graphical interface, which resides right on the IP Phone screen, opens the door to a rich set of features and capabilities. In seconds, employees can look up a contact in the directory and make a call with just one click. They can also check email, voicemail, airline flight schedules, or currency conversions. It's just as easy to set up conference calls or make public announcements. By simplifying, improving, and speeding up communications internally and when dealing with customers and partners, IPT Office helps everyone do their job better.
Nevotek's technology is built on a solid foundation: the Cisco CallManager platform, which is based on the Cisco Unified Communications architecture that integrates voice, video, and data at the user level. The flexible, highly dependable design of IPT Office makes it easy for us to customize it to meet your specific needs.
No matter what industry you're in, IPT Office is a sound investment. With IPT Office, you get affordable options for expanding your services and improving your business operations.

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Smart Businesses Embrace IP Telephony

The business world has seen a growing trend toward the convergence of data, voice, and video onto a single, packet-based infrastructure. Companies of all sizes are discovering firsthand how these converged Internet Protocol (IP)- based infrastructures can improve business. IP telephony can help lower the total cost of doing business while introducing a range of new capabilities that help companies stay competitive.
Cisco Systems, the world’s leading provider of Internet communications equipment, supports this integrated architecture through an advanced and highly intelligent product suite. This platform replaces the traditional private branch exchange (PBX) system with an IP system that runs over a data network, offering a more flexible and inexpensive technology for voice. The Cisco CallManager platform provides a seamless and totally programmable hardware and software infrastructure, enabling users to create integrated, highly valuable communications applications.

A New Workplace Paradigm

One such application is Nevotek IPT Office™. This sophisticated software works with Cisco IP Phones and the CallManager platform to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end IP telephony solution for office communications. IPT Office gives end users fast, efficient access to frequently used business information, helping employees work more effectively. Using the blank canvas of the Cisco IP phone screen, IPT Office creates an easy-to-use interface equipped with a wide range of features and capabilities. The IPT Office suite of services enables companies to:

  • Reduce capital and operational expenditures (CapEx and OpEx).
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Improve business responsiveness
  • Create a more satisfying experience for end users

Reduce CapEx and OpEx

Many businesses are already enjoying the benefits of a single, streamlined infrastructure. Foremost among these benefits is lower CapEx and OpEx. IPT Office can further reduce a company’s cost of doing business in a variety of ways. For example:

  • IPT Office simplifies management tasks by providing a single, easy-to-manage platform for a wealth of services.
  • IPT Office can transform a Cisco IP Phone into a powerful appliance that can replace the desktop PC for many employees, lowering hardware and maintenance costs.

With its building management system (BMS) integration, IPT Office provides an easy-to-use, remotely accessible control panel for lights, air conditioning, and other energy-consuming elements. This feature can help companies reduce energy spending considerably.


Increase Workplace Productivity

The flexible, diverse range of services provided by IPT Office saves employees time in a variety of ways. IPT Office uses a structured directory to provide fast look-ups for employees, partners, customers, and personal contacts. Users can click to dial, too, so the total time to perform a lookup and make a call is several seconds.
From the phone, employees can also check or send e-mail and voicemail, and access a variety of useful services, such as airline times, weather forecasts, city guides, and currency conversion tools. The application can be customized so that frequently used services, such as ordering business forms, can be performed with just a few clicks.
All of these capabilities are designed to be quick and easy, leveraging the ease-ofuse of the touchscreen interface. By cutting the time it takes to perform regular tasks and access frequently used business information, IPT Office helps employees pack more activities into each workday—boosting overall corporate productivity.

Improve Business Responsiveness

The degree of employees’ ability to communicate—internally and externally—defines a company’s ability to respond to customers in a swift, effective, and loyalty-inspiring manner. IPT Office simplifies and speeds the more traditional avenues of business communications, such as e-mail and voicemail, while incorporating valuable new services.
For example, a retail business might integrate a product catalog into the IPT Office menu, so that employees could look up products right on their phones while talking to customers, and then provide product information instantly. A manufacturing firm might provide a product locator as part of its IPT Office menu, so that workers could quickly look up a needed item, and either locate it on site or order it quickly to keep production moving.


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