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IPT Comfort

Building management just got smarter and easier. In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, it's important to satisfy everyone's needs and demands-tenants, owners, and operations personnel. Nevotek IPTComfort makes it economical to offer new services that address everyone's requirements.
IPTComfort integrates building management, back office, and communications systems over a single IP network. It provides centralized management of lighting, wiring, HVAC, building access, TV and video cameras, and any other devices that can be added to your building management solution.

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Your Building Should Think The Way You Do.

Today’s buildings must be flexible, efficient, and cost-effective to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, and a fast-paced, always-changing workplace. Users want building environments that adapt to their needs—from IT capabilities to room temperature—plus access to concierge level services. Owners need the flexibility to accommodate the changing user and tenant requirements, while control operating costs by efficiently managing lights, HVAC, and security. Operators must have access to building operations on premise and remotely, with a flexible, easyto- use system. The goal is to find support for a range of activities and preferences, while managing costs and increasing revenues.
It’s a tall order for any building—new or existing. Wiring and facility changes can be expensive, and adding new services often requires a complete overhaul of existing infrastructure. In the past, property owners have had to choose between the users’ need for comfort and convenience and their own profitability goals.
There’s a new way of supporting the changing needs of buildings, and the people in them. A cost-effective approach to adding services while managing costs. An innovative, new technology solution that will allow real estate ventures to use existing wiring and facilities to deliver flexible, personalized and affordable services that will differentiate their property, cut costs and generate new revenue, while offering unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience.

Nevotek IPTComfort. Delivering cost-effective, convenient convergence.

Start with an IP-based network that provides the platform for convergence. Then, add Nevotek IPTComfort, a true convergence solution that combines an innovative application suite with existing building technologies to deliver the ultimate flexibility and personalization.
IPTComfort integrates building management, back office, and communications systems over a single IP network, with centralized administration and control. All assets are controlled with a flexible software-based, solution that combines building automation capabilities with a converged, IP network. IPTComfort controls lighting, wiring, HVAC, building access, TV and video cameras—virtually any device that can be connected to a building management system.
Building users, managers, owners and operators can regulate building services—either on premise or remotely—via an IP phone, cell phone, IPTV, or standard web browser. IPTComfort supports ZigBee protocol, allowing for easy integration and wireless access to building controls. With this level of automation, buildings can be adapted to the changing needs of the user on a daily—or even hourly—basis.

Do more with less.

IPTComfort reduces operating and capital investment costs by improving the use of existing infrastructure and resources. With IPTComfort, building operators can automate the control of multiple systems to improve conservation, flexibility and security, while tailoring the environment to meet the unique needs of users.

Conserve Energy & Resources

IPTComfort reduces energy costs by controlling lights, and HVAC—and ensuring they are only used when required. Unused office space or rooms can be maintained at a conservation level until required for use. Building users find their office or room spaces automatically customized to meet their needs, reducing the cost of over heating or cooling. Automating window shutters and blinds keeps building interiors cool during hot spells. IPTComfort monitors energy use by tenant, offering operators a way to allocate billing based on consumption on a monthly, or daily basis.

Leveraging Existing Wiring & Systems

Existing wiring systems can be quickly reconfigured to create adaptable workspaces that support multiple uses. This minimizes the need to add or change facilities to accommodate new building functionality, reducing support and administration costs. Guest and user preferences are stored in an easy to access database that is accessed by IPTComfort to automatically control building areas. This pre-set, customized approach will reduce energy consumption, and minimize management and administrative costs, with centralized, automated control. IPTComfort supports all installed, existing legacy equipment and provides integration over an IP foundation.
It’s all done over a converged IP network, with IPTComfort’s customizable, software-based solution that supports installed, legacy equipment and existing wiring systems. Buildings no longer require the dedicated signaling networks found in virtually all legacy real estate environments. Instead, building management systems use an IP foundation that integrates with all IT other and communications services. With IP-based services, energy management controls can be accessed remotely, through an IP phone, cell phone, IPTV or standard browser. IPTComfort helps building owners control energy consumption while accommodating the changing building needs and improving the end user experience.

Build intelligence into any space, at anytime.

IPTComfort improves every aspect of a user’s experience by providing a flexible and tailored building environment. Space can be programmed to support the daily changes in building activities to accommodate a variety of user needs.

Intelligent Buildings Serve Multiple Needs

Offer a more efficient meeting environment, by automating lights, curtains and A/V equipment in a conference room, with push button activation over existing wiring and switches. Turn off heat in rooms that must unexpectedly accommodate a surplus of people, and support the needs of larger groups with more specialized lighting and ventilation. Facilitate flexible work hours by allowing employees to remotely turn on garage lights and unlock gates before entering a building at night, increasing safety and security.

Generate Revenue, Track Expenses

For multi-tenant properties, IPTComfort allows building operators to allocate utility costs based on actual consumption. Buildings are better utilized and personalized, and operating costs tied to the needs of different tenant and user groups.
Owners and operators can differentiate properties with new services, delivered by a flexible, converged, solution. Properties can also generate revenue by running ads for local businesses on large screen TVs, kiosks or displays, placed in common areas.
Nevotek IPTComfort does it all over existing wiring systems, anchored by a converged IP network. Functionality is delivered by a programmable software platform, which defines and delivers end user features. Building operators can add or change features through an easy-to-use, browser-based interface, without the need for physical rewiring.

Increase productivity, streamline operations

IPTComfort offers innovative, advanced capabilities that enhance the productivity of every building. With IPTComfort, owners and operators can better leverage the human and physical resources of their property for maximum efficiency, and gain control over facilities with an easy to use, software-based solution.

Leverage Existing Resources

Allow employees to act as virtual receptionists by giving IP phones access to photos from surveillance cameras at any entrance, which can then be unlocked via a button on the phone, improving security. Add functionality to open spaces by programming existing switches to handle new capabilities—such as dimming the lights, controlling outlets from a wall switch, or turning on or off an outlet to accommodate a temporary user.
Reduce the number of service calls by automatically programming hotel rooms or offices to users’ preferred temperature settings, lighting TV station. Place sensors in strategic locations to identify potentially hazardous situations before they become catastrophic, including pipe leaks, smoke and fire and security break-ins.

A Model for Comfort

IPTComfort combines hardware and software into a flexible solution that runs on top of standard IP server products. It provides the next step of total convergence, adding end user solutions and applications to a flexible, IP network platform.

System Components

IPTComfort hardware components connect to standard circuit breakers, and reside in a small, conveniently located panel that taps into the building management system network. These connections allow IPTComfort to leverage building and room wiring and work with existing facilities.
IPTComfort software runs on a server, with APIs designed to work with standard browsers, IP phones or mobile phones. The software includes an easy to use, browser-based client administrative and management capabilities, and controls over smart I/O devices located throughout the building. Users can control the physical resources of a property over devices connected to an IP network, either on premise or remotely.


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