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Vertex VXR 9000 Repeater

The new VXR-9000 is a rack mount 50 W, 32 channel repeater. It can be used in Base or Repeat mode.
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Six programmable function keys are located up front for easy operation. With over 20 different functions available in programming, the function keys can assist with common functions custom designed to your needs.

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Backup Power Supply

For uninterrupted operation during power failures, a 12-volt rechargeable type battery (55-Ah or more recommended) may be connected to the BACKUP terminal posts on the rear panel.
In the event of an unexpected interruption of the Main DC Power Source, the automatic power control circuit will automatically switch the repeater to the backup battery, and operation will not be interrupted.
After prolonged operation from the battery, (Backup Power Source), it should be disconnected from the repeater and recharged separately before re-connecting.
Never reapply the Main Power Source to the repeater with a discharged battery connected as backup, as the DC startup current can damage the repeater and battery. While operating from a backup battery, the repeater requires approximately 7 amperes at 12 Volts during transmit.

Programmable Function Keys

There are six programmable function keys on the front face of the repeater. There are over 20 functions available for programming to these buttons. Each button can also have a secondary function for a total of 12 separate functions from a relatively simple layout. Functionality and ease of use.

Available Key Functions

  • Some of the available functions for these keys are:
  • Channel up/down
  • Audio Compander on/off
  • CTCSS/DCS toggle (on/off)
  • Send CW message (1 - 8)
  • KeyLock
  • Local PTT
  • Panel lights on/off
  • Repeat on/off
  • Remote accessory toggle (on/off)
  • and many many more.....

Built in intelligent fan

The built in fan has a malfunction detect output to alert you if should ever fail due to obstruction, mechanical or electrical failure.

Model Description
VXR-9000UA PKG-1 Rack Mount FM Repeater 50W (25W Continuous) 400-430 MHz 32CH
VXR-9000UD 100W PKG 1 Rack Mount FM Repeater, 100W Continous, 450-490MHz, 32CH
VXR-9000UD PKG-1 Rack Mount FM Repeater 50W (25W Continuous) 450-490 MHz 32CH
VXR-9000VA PKG-1 VXR-9000VA PKG-1
VXR-9000VC 100W PKG 1 Rack Mount FM Repeater, 100W Continuous, 148-174MHz, 32CH
VXR-9000VC PKG-1 Rack Mount FM Repeater 50W (25W Continuous) 148-174MHz 32CH
Regulatory Compliance CE Marking
FVP-35 Plug-in Rolling Code Encryption. Requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000. Requires VX MPI for programming
MH-25A8J Standard Microphone
FIF-9 The FIF-9 is an interface unit which allows remote control of the VXR-9000 repeater via a 4-line or 8-line cable.
Power Supply
FP-31 POWER SUPPLY nternal power supply for the VXR-9000 rack mount repeater (50W ONLY - CANNOT BE USED w/ 100W Version).
Programming and Installation
CT-104A CT-104A Interface Cable for FIF-10A
FIF-10A FIF-10A USB Interface for PC programming. Check specific models for additional cable pigtails. Pigtails not included.
INST-OPT Installation Charge.
PROG/ADD Factory Radio Programming (Each additional channel after 1st)
PROGRAMMING Factory Radio Programming (single channel only)
VX VPL-1 Programming cable from PC. Check specific models for additional cable pigtails.
RF Power Amplifiers
FVP-25 Encryption Unit (Band Inversion Type) and DTMF Paging. (requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000)
FVP-35 Plug-in Rolling Code Encryption. Requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000. Requires VX MPI for programming

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