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Vertex VX160

Vertex Standard - VX-160 VHF/UHF Portable Radios
Rugged, Durable & Portable Radios Ideal for Factories, Fleets, Schools or Retails.

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Some of the available functions for these keys are:

  • 16 channel capacity
  • 5 Watts power output (selectable to 1 Watt)
  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E
  • 12.5/25 KHz bandwidth programmable by channel.
  • Dual 2-Tone decode
  • Local PTT
  • UHF D Range 450 - 485 MHz
  • VHF C Range 146 - 174 MHz
Alignment/Service Related
CN-3 SMA to BNC Adaptor
ATU-6D 450-485 MHZ / RED / 6'' / VX-10/160/180/210/400/600/800/900
ATU-6DS Antenna 450-485 MHz / 3.5''
ATV-10A High Gain antenna, 145-155MHz (Red) / 10.5''
ATV-10B High Gain antenna, 150-160MHz (Brn) / 10.5''
ATV-10C High Gain antenna, 155-165MHz (Blk) / 10.5''
ATV-10E High Gain antenna, 165-175MHz (Org) / 10.5''
ATV-6A Antenna 134-151 MHz / 4''
ATV-6B Antenna 150-163 MHz/ 3.5''
ATV-6C Antenna 161-174 MHz/ 3.5''
ATV-6XL 7'' untunned VHF antenna
ATV-8A Antenna 134-150 MHz / Sable / 6''
ATV-8B Antenna 150-163 MHz / Sable / 6''
ATV-8C Antenna 162-174 MHz / Sable / 6''
FNB-64 7.2 V 700 mAh Ni-Cd Battery
FNB-V57 7.2 V 1100 mAh Ni-Cd Battery
FNB-V67Li 7.2V 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery for the VX-160 and VX-180 portables. (Requires the VAC-810 charger)
Belt Clip
LCC-160 Leather Case (Belt Loop)
LCC-160S Leather Case with Swivel and belt loop
NC-77B 120 VAC 12-Hour Desktop Charger
NC-77C 240 VAC 12-Hour Desktop Charger
VAC-10B 120 VAC 3-Hour Desktop Charger (Not recommended for use with LiIon Batteries)
VAC-6010B The VAC-6010 is a rugged 6-Unit Multi Charger that enables recharging of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery packs for VX-160/180/410/420 transceivers.
VAC-6010C The VAC-6010C is a rugged 6-Unit Multi Charger that enables recharging of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery packs for VX-160/180/410/420 transceivers.
VAC-6800B 6 UNIT Multi-Rapid Charger, 120VAC
VAC-6800C 6 UNIT Multi-Rapid Charger, 240VAC
VAC-6810B 120 VAC 6 UNIT Multi-Rapid Charger
VAC-800 Charge Stand Only for VCM-1 (Without Power Supply)
VAC-800B 120 VAC 1-Hour Desktop Charger
120 VAC 1-Hour Desktop Charger
VAC-810 Charge Stand Only for VCM-1 (Without Power Supply)
VAC-810B 120 VAC 1.5 Hour Desktop Charger required for the FNB-V67Li High Capacity Battery.
VCM-1 Vehicular DC Charger Mounting Adaptor. Requires a charging base: VAC-400, VAC-800, etc.)
VCM-3 Vehicular Charger Mounting Adapyer Kit for VAC-10
Headsets and Surveillance
VC-25 VOX HEADSET VX-110/150/160/180/210
VH-115S Lightweight Headset w/ Boom
VH-215S Lightweight Padded Headset, Single Speaker
VH-225S Lightweight Padded Headset, Dual Speaker
EC013N902 VX-180 VHF Service Manual
EC013U900 VX-160 UHF Service Manual
FEP-10 Light Duty Earphone
Programming and Installation
CT-106 VFIF-10 to VX-160/180/410/420 Cable
CT-27A Cloning Cable (Set-to-Set Clone)
CT-28A Pigtail Cable
CT-29A DB9 Cable
CT-42A Computer to Radio Programming Cables. (Contains CT-28A + CT-29A)
FIF-10A FIF-10A USB Interface for PC programming. Check specific models for additional cable pigtails. Pigtails not included.
INST-OPT Installation Charge.
PROG/ADD Factory Radio Programming (Each additional channel after 1st)
PROGRAMMING Factory Radio Programming (single channel only)
Speaker Microphones
MH-34D4B Speaker Microphone, Light Duty
MH-360S Compact Speaker Microphone for VX-210A, VX-160, and VX-180. Very similar to the MH-34D4B.
MH-37A4B Earpiece Microphone, Light Duty
MH-45B4B Speaker Microphone, Heavy Duty Public Safety Style w/Volume Switch, Intrinsically Safe

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