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Motorola CP040

The Motorola CP040 offers simple radio communication for small and medium-sized organisations at a very competitive price.

Designed with small and medium-sized warehousing, agriculture, security, light industry and services customers in mind, the four channel CP040 requires minimal training and keeps team members in touch without distracting them with complicated features. Management can monitor all voice traffic and get a message to the team in seconds, however large the site.

The CP040 is supported by a number of Motorola Original Accessories including carrycases and straps, earpieces and headsets, batteries and chargers all designed to tailor the radio to the requirements of the user.

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Highlights of the CP040

  • Signalling - Private Line™
  • Channels - 4 or 161
  • Option Board - NO
  • Keypad - NO
  • Display - NO
  • Emergency Button - NO
  • Battery Life - Up to 19 Hours2
  • MilSpec - 810 F
  • Intrinsically Safe - NO

Easy to Use
Using the CP040 is second nature thanks to the tough and textured buttons, chunky rotary channel, volume knobs and tricolour status LED. In addition, two programmable buttons can be set to give immediate access to the four most often used features, making communication even simpler.

Targeted Communication
Available in two versions, with four or sixteen communication channels, you can use the CP040 to liaise with the whole team or change channel to discuss a more complicated issue one to one.
Keep in Touch
The CP040 has a high/low power setting that allows users to extend battery life for up to 19 hours2 from a single battery charge. This can be done by switching to low power when the user is in close proximity to other users, as the range is reduced and less power is required. Avoid missed messages with the built-in ‘scan’ function that searches all channels for activity.
Motorola Quality
Designed and built to the gruelling American standard MIL spec 810F and exceeding the exacting IP54 standard for environmental protection, the CP040 has also passed the Motorola Accelerated Life Test which replicates five years of hard use in the field.
Quality Audio
Benefiting from Motorola’s market-leading experience in designing and manufacturing two-way radio, the CP040 provides excellent audio quality thanks to Motorola’s voice compression technology, X-Pand™.
As you would expect from Motorola, the CP040 is supported by a wide range of energy, audio and carry accessories, changing the CP040 into a customised solution.


Frequency VHF
146– 174 MHz
403 — 440 MHz
438 — 470 MHz
465 — 495 MHz
Channel Capacity 4 or 16 1
Power Supply 7.5 Volts ± 20%
Dimensions: H x W x D (mm) 130.5 x 62 x 42
(With Slim Li-Ion Battery)
Weight: (g) 376
(With Slim Li-Ion Battery)
Average Battery Life: at room temperature (5:5:90 duty cycle)
Power Setting Low High
(1W VHF, 1W UHF) (5W VHF, 4W UHF)
Standard Capacity NiCd Battery 10 Hours 8 Hours
Standard Capacity FM NiMH Battery 11 Hours 9 Hours
Standard Capacity NiMH Battery 13 Hours 10 Hours
Slim Li-Ion Battery 17 Hours 12 Hours
High Capacity Li-Ion Battery 19 Hours 14 Hours
146– 174 MHz
403 — 440 MHz
438 — 470 MHz
465 — 495 MHz
RF Output: NiMH @ 7.5V
Low Power 1 W 1 W
High Power 4 W 5 W
Channel Spacing 12.5/20/25 kHz
Frequency Stability
(-30°C to +60°C)
Spurs/Harmonics 36 dBm < 1 GHz
-30 dBm > 1 GHz to 4 GHz
Audio Response (from 6 dB/oct. Pre-emphasis, 300 to 3000 Hz) +1, -3 dB
Audio Distortion @ 1000 Hz, 60% Rated Max. Dev. <3%
FM Noise -40 dB (12.5 kHz)
-45 dB (25 kHz)
Operating Temperature VHF
146– 174 MHz
403 — 440 MHz
438 — 470 MHz
465 — 495 MHz
Sensitivity (12 dB EIA SINAD) 0.25 µV (Typical)-
Adjacent Channel Selectivity -60 dB @ 12.5kHz
-70 dB @ 20/25kHz
Intermodulation -70 dB
Frequency Stability
(-30°C to +60°C)
Spurious Rejection -70 dB
Audio Output @ < 5% Distortion 500 mW
Portable Military Standard 810F
Applicable MIL-STD Methods Procedures
Low Pressure 500.4 1
High Temperature 501.4 1,2
Low Temperature 502.4 1,2
Temperature Shock 503.4 1
Solar Radiation 505.4 1
Rain 506.4 1
Humidity 507.4 3
Salt Fog 509.4 1
Dust 510.4 1
Vibration 514.5 1
Shock 516.5 1
Notes Related to Specifications
  • Depending on radio model
  • Based on 5:5:90 duty cycle.
  • Availability subject to individual country’s law and regulations.
  • Data for +25°C unless otherwise specified.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice and are issued for guidance purposes only.
  • All specifications listed are typical. Radios meet applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Conforms to EC directive 89/336/EEC.
  • Complies with ETS 300 113.

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