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Barrett 2050

The Barrett 2050 HF transceiver, the centre piece of the 2000 series of HF communications equipment, combines current technology with the intuitive, “ease of use” that has become synonymous with Barrett Communications equipment.

In addition to providing all common modes of HF transmission, most currently used selective call formats and MIL STD 188-141B Automatic Link Establishment, the 2050 transceiver has a new generation, simple to operate, frequency hopping option.

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Configuration Flexibility

The 2050 transceiver is packaged as a desktop (local control) transceiver and with the addition of the simple and inexpensive Mobile pack the 2050 is quickly reconfigured to a mobile (trunk mount) transceiver. This feature simplifies the logistics of stocking the right transceiver for the right application. The modular design of the 2000 series of products as a whole enables a basic 2050 transceiver to adapt quickly and easily between base station, mobile, email, fax and data and manpack configurations.

Digital signal processing (DSP)

A single DSP chip provides modulation and demodulation of all on air signalling used in the ALE, selective call and syllabic mute processes and provides noise reduction of received signals.

Frequency hopping option

A simple to operate, unique frequency hopping system that has no network entry time or late entry time. Simply enter the hop band, cipher key number and talk.

Simple architecture

The transceiver uses only two microprocessors, the main processor uses a soft loaded core while the second processor is used within the control head to operate the display and keypad.

Selective call options

Fitted with both a CCIR 493-4 based, four and six digit system of which the protocol is available for free distribution and an OEM protocol that is fully compatible with other major HF manufacturers four and six digit systems that utilise encryption.

SMS pagecall

Allows short text messages to be sent from one 2050 transceiver to another. Barrett 2050 transceivers have alpha-numeric input keys (similar to mobile phones) that allow direct text message input (without the need for an external PC or Palm type input device).

BITE - built in test equipment

Tests receiver performance, selcall, syllabic mute, VCO operation and serial communications port viability.

Programming by IR or serial port

For ease of programming in a vehicle a notebook computer loaded with the 2000 series programming package can load a transceiver's parameters without the need for cables through the remote head IR port.

Second antenna connector

Allows each channel to select one of two antennas - ideal when long and short distance antennas are used.

Manpack configuration

Inserting the 2050 into the 2040 manpack adaptor, the complete unit becomes a lightweight (6.4kg) manpack transceiver with built-in automatic antenna tuner, battery management system and removable lithium ion battery cartridge. All connections such as handsets and auxiliary units are made through military specification connectors. Available with the manpack is a custom made backpack and frame assembly designed to hold the manpack, accessories normally used with the unit and other personal items.

Direct dial telephone calls

“Telcall” option provides direct dialing access with Barrett Communications HF Telephone Interconnects and most interconnects from other manufacturers.

“Secure call”

An option that provides a medium level of voice encryption for message privacy.

ALE - automatic link establishment

An embedded internal option fully interoperable with FED STD 1045 ALE systems. Also capable of full 16 digit telephone dialing (using FED STD 1045 ALE as the signalling medium) with Barrett 960 or Barrett 2060 ALE equipped telephone interconnects.

GPS tracking

An option that supports connection to an external GPS receiver for tracking applications using the Barrett 977 tracking system.

HF email and data

The 2050 transceiver auxiliary connector is fully featured to interface to a variety of external modems including the Barrett 2020 HF email system and the Barrett 923 email and data system.

Frequency coverage (MHz)
148-172MHz, 150-174MHz
400-430MHz, 430-450MHz, 450-480MHz
No. of channels 32 channels
Channel spacing 12.5/25KHz
PLL channel step 5, 6. 25KHz (2.5kHz, VHF repeater operation only)
Frequency stability
UHF (U.S.A. version)
UHF (Other versions)
±1.5ppm < /br> ±2.5ppm
Operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C
-22°F to +140°F
Power supply voltage 13.6V DC
100-120V AC (50/60Hz)*
220-240V AC (50/60Hz)*
*Depending on version
Current drain (at 13.6 V DC)

VHF (at 50W) 15A
UHF (at 50W) 20A
Max. audio 2A typ.
Stand-by 1A typ.
Antenna impedance 50O (Type-N × 2)
Dimensions (proj. not incl.) 410(W) × 110(H) × 360(D) mm
16 5/32 × 4 11/32 × 14 3/16 in
Weight 12 kg; 26.4lb (approx.)
Output power 50W (high), 10W (low) selectable (at 13.6V DC)
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0kHz/±2.5kHz (wide/narrow)
Spurious emissions 70dB
Adjacent channel power 70/60dB (wide/narrow)
Hum and noise 40/34dB (wide/narrow)
Microphone impedance 600 ohm (8-pin modular)
Sensitivity 0.25µV typ. (at 12dB SINAD)
Adjacent channel selectivity 70/60dB (wide/narrow)
Spurious response 70dB
ntermodulation rejection ratio 70dB
Hum and noise ratio 40/34dB (wide/narrow)
Audio output power 2.5 W typ. at 10% distortion with a 4 ohm load
External speaker connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1/8?)/4O
Applicable U.S. Military Specifications
Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and pased the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.
Standard MIL 810C MIL 810D MIL 810E MIL 810F
M = Methods, P = Procedures
High Temp. 501.1 1 501.2 1,2 501.3 1,2 501.4 1,2
Low Temp. 502.1 1 502.2 1,2 502.3 1,2 502.4-3 1,2
Vibration 514.2 7,10 514.3 1 514.4 1 514.4 1
Shock 516.2 1,2,5 516.3 1,4 516.4 1,4 516.5 1,4
Measurements made in accordance with EIA/TIA-603-A. Compatibility of functions for use with a telephone line may not work in some countries. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
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